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Hello, I’m Tunisia! My goal is to bring my knowledge and passion for the healing arts to recharj.

Tunisia Kyle

PositionWork-Study Lead
Tunisia is a native Washingtonian and certified Yoga instructor. She began her wellness journey a few of years ago when she adopted a plant based diet and began questioning the cultural norms in her community that were shown to have adverse effects on our health and longevity. Beyond that, she has since developed a passion for the healing arts and began studying all things related to holistic healing and wellness. She has continued her education over the years to be able to incorporate therapeutic massage, nutritional wellness, and meditation into her personal and shared practice. She hopes to bring her knowledge and passion for the healing arts to recharj, but most importantly learn, because although she educates others she always considers herself a student first. She lives by this quote... "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". -Mahatma Gandhi
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