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Hello, I’m Toni! My goal is to focus on the journey inward and give you the tools to help you find the healer within.

Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts is a wife, mother, and sharer of wellness. She completed her 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training at Flow Yoga Center in DC. In addition, she received her Reiki I attunement in the Usui System of Natural Healing from Uma Beepat. When meeting Toni you will notice that she is a light being with a warm energy that welcomes all. She holds space for her students, of all levels. She holds a special interest in mental wellness and pre and postnatal mothers. Her classes focus on the journey inward through pranayama, meditation, and asana. Her intent is to give you the tools to help you find the healer within.
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Mantras are postures of the mind, practiced to assist in transcending the mind’s activity. Mantra repetition not only brings focus and clarity, but also shifts the body’s energy on a vibrational level to allow the mind and body to feel re- energized, centered, and receptive.

Mantra meditation, is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated as an affirmation used to help keep you connected to a particular state of mind.