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Hello, I’m Tina! My goal is to help you practice self-care.

Tina Lassiter

PositionSenior Instructor
Tina S. Lassiter - CIMT, CPMT, MBA; is an Integrative Healthcare Consultant & Practitioner who is certified in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Reiki Levels 1 - 3, and Acupressure. She is also a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist and Infant Massage Teacher.In the spring of 2016, she launched her own business, mindful to a T., to develop personalized programs, retreats, & workshops for organizations and individuals that infuse mindfulness practices with the arts. One of her personal mindful/art practices was featured on the online version of Spirituality & Health magazine.Tina served as Director of Creative & Therapeutic Arts Services at Children’s National Health System for 15 years. She spearheaded efforts to bring a comprehensive complementary and integrative care program targeted at patients and families to the hospital organization, delivering her unique brand of mindfulness practices to thousands of patients, families and staff. She developed a complementary care model for caregivers in a medical setting, and was invited by Decision Health to present at several healthcare conferences which led to conducting a webinar for Ernest Health, followed by an interview for an article in the Joint Commission newsletter on the topic of Caring for the Caregiver.Tina is an accomplished artist and photographer. Her work has been published in Body & Soul Connection and Spirituality & Health magazines, where she was also the featured artist in 2014, and has been on exhibition around the DC Metropolitan area. she holds an MBA in Marketing from NYU’s Stern School of Business, and a BA in Communications from Howard University.
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deep rest
Reduce accumulated stress with this deep relaxation meditation practice. Giving attention and loving kindness to each part of our body as we lie down in deep rest. We offer our gratitude and awareness to each area of our body to release tension, support healing, and strengthen immune function.

Reawaken to the internal and external experiences of the present moment. Intended to strengthen the Mind (mindfulness), this class teaches techniques and methods for systematically developing awareness.

The practice of mindful awareness has a variety of well-documented impacts, including a reduction in toxic stress, an increase in emotion regulation, and an improvement in sustained attention, focus and executive functioning.