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Hello, I’m Sierra! My goal is to be a guide practitioners to their path of rediscovering innate peace, stability, and freedom.

Sierra Garrett

Sierra Garrett ERYT200+RYT500 has been practicing mindfulness through yoga and meditation for almost 10 years and teaching for 4! Her guidance is infused with humanness, playfulness, and heart. She leads practitioners to their path of rediscovering innate peace, stability, and freedom; teaching you to be adaptable to life’s changes, while staying grounded. When she’s not teaching, Sierra enjoys studying tarot, astrology, & subtle body energy, playing with kittens, getting lost in a new city, and sweating in a high intensity workout. Learn more about her here: Connect with her on IG: @sahar.xolani
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yoga nidra
This guided sleep meditation is a lucid state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Nothing else is required of you but to lay back and listen as your body is completely relaxed and becoming systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.

sound bath
Sound is one of the most ancient, effective, and accessible tools we have for healing. The human body is designed to interact with and embody sound in a powerful way that allow you to rest and revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Lay back, let the tones of the bowls wash over you, and drop into a state of relaxation through a guided sound meditation. Depart class feeling recharj’ed and renewed.

Crystal bowls: This sound bath features a variety of quartz crystal bowls that correlate with the main chakras in the body to realign your energy and recharge your vitality.

Discover how to relax the nervous system, reduce stress, and reframe the brain’s bias to hold onto negativity. In this session, we connect mind, body and brain, through deep breathing, mindfulness and guided visual meditation, activating the relaxation response and bringing ourselves back to equilibrium.

Unwind and unpack the day with de-stress meditation that aims to attune your awareness to your senses. Focus on body functions such as breath and pulse can be cultivated to bring us back to homeostasis through the power of the mind. Drop your cortisol levels; regulate pulse and adrenals; increase your sense of calm and ease so you can enjoy the pleasures of life.