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Hello, I’m Sally! My goal is to share the knowledge and simple emotional resiliency tools with others.

Sally Gee

Cultivating practice of yoga, meditation, and using all-natural essential oils are Sally’s way of feeding her body, mind and soul. Practicing since 2001 while working in the stressful corporate world, she turned to yoga and meditation as a form of self-care and quiet time in her busy world. Greatly benefiting from the results, she decided to study and teach them full time! After studying physics and incorporating the knowledge of quantum world with her curiosity of neuroscience and power of the mind, she’s been able to change the patterns of her thoughts, while using aromatherapy to tune up the quality of her practice. She is keen to share the knowledge and these simple tools with others.
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emotional resiliency (+scent)
Life feels more intense these days. Our emotions can hold us hostage when stormy winds of disharmony blow through the mind and body. Denying what’s difficult by putting our heads in the sand perpetuates the suffering. In this class, we practice learning how to turn towards, stay with and transform our response to our emotions, thoughts, and the energy behind it all to become more grounded, calm, and healthy.