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Hello, I’m Monique! My goal is to provide an inviting and supportive atmosphere for sound healing.

Monique Derfuss

Monique is a 300-hour, KRI-Certified Instructor and gong practitioner offering both Kundalini Yoga classes and gong sound meditation to groups and individuals. She studied Kundalini under students of Kundalini Master, Yogi Bhajan, and the gong under Mehtab Benton, originator and author of Gong Yoga. She also holds a Reiki Level 2 Certification and integrates this knowledge into her teaching and sessions. Focusing on the needs of her students and clients, she provides an inviting and supportive atmosphere to her classes and private sessions.
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gong bath
Gong meditation is a thousand-year-old sound therapy technique used to aid in stress reduction and in breaking up emotional blockages that lie within us.

Gong meditation is a powerful sonic practice that enables one to experience how it feels to step into a dimension and relaxed brain wave state.
The benefits of being exposed to the tones of the gong are varied, most notice a major improvement in the quality of sleep, improved coping skills for stress, and a sense of stillness and contentment.