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Hello, I’m Lu! My goal is to help people unlock their authentic self to reconnect with their highest vision of who they are--and live it.

Lu Hanessian

PositionSenior Instructor
Lu is an award-winning science journalist, author, mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing educator, certified in applied positive psychology (CAPP), interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), and parent/family education (BCI), with extensive studies in brain science, affect regulation, attachment and relationship, the science of trauma, resilience and positive change. As veteran media personality, Lu is a former NBC anchor/host (Real Life; Unsolved Mysteries) and Discovery Health Channel host (Make Room for Baby and Total Family Health), speaker. As well, she's the author of several books, including the acclaimed “Let the Baby Drive” (St. Martin’s Press, 2004) and children's book "Picnic on a Cloud" (2011). Her next book, "The Heart of Connection" will be published early next year.Lu is the founder of several initiatives, including the award-winning socially conscious company WYSH Wear your spirit for humanity. As pioneering parent educator, she has been called a "parenting visionary," "a synthesist who inspires as she educates," and an "innovator at the forefront of conscious, mindful connection." Over the past fifteen years, she has created dynamic initiatives, courses, curricula and multi-media resources for parents, teachers, and families through, an international educational resource for parents.Lu's essays and articles have been published in The New York Times, USA Today, Mothering, Parenting, Fit Pregnancy and Redbook. She has been a guest on The View, CNN, NPR, FOX News, FOX5-NYC, MSNBC, Life & Style, the Today Show, WABC Radio and more. For twenty years, Lu has keynoted, lectured and led dynamic workshops across the country for parents, teachers, professionals, high school students and women. She's a contributing writer for Mindful digital magazine, and her popular, award-winning "Thrive" column Driving Lessons and cover features have been published in the Courier Post-Gannett News/USA Today Network newspaper for the last ten years. She is looking forward to completing her RYT-200 yoga certification this year.
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“Lu’s unique integrative approach to meditation draws from the interconnected sciences of the brain, body, and mind to promote a deep sense of wellbeing through restorative and energizing practices that boost self-regulation, de-fuse stress, and expand our ability to reframe, focus, attune and attend to our best lives.”


Discover tools to relax, counteract stress, and relieve your body and brain’s bias to hold onto negativity. In this session, brief meditations use proven stress-reduction techniques, such as deep breathing, mindfulness or positive imagery to facilitate relaxation response and reverse the effects of held tensions.

deep rest
Reduce accumulated stress with this deep relaxation meditation practice. Giving attention and loving kindness to each part of our body as we lie down in deep rest. We offer our gratitude and awareness to each area of our body to release tension, support healing, and strengthen immune function.

The unsettling noise of the city can elevate our stress levels. This class invites you to drop into a state of relaxation through a guided sound meditation. After settling in the singing bowl’s soothing tones will relax your body, breath, and mind. Depart class feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Reawaken to the internal and external experiences of the present moment. Intended to strengthen the Mind (mindfulness), this class teaches techniques and methods for systematically developing awareness, self-regulation, and the capacity for presence.

The practice of mindful awareness has a variety of well-documented impacts, including a reduction in toxic stress, an increase in emotion regulation, and an improvement in sustained attention, focus and executive functioning.