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Hello, I’m Jeneen! My goal is to bring an energy and passion to her classes that is second to none.

Jeneen Piccuirro

PositionSenior Instructor
​Jeneen Piccuirro, MFA, has over 30 years experience leading original Art, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Sound Healing, Subtle Energy and Movement based offerings and has multiple trainings and degrees in all of these fields.  She is a pioneer in genuinely weaving together various ancient and modern modalities to integrate wholeness, harmony and balance into ones life, for soulful and sacred well being.  Jeneen is on a continuous and ever evolving journey of deepening her work to be the most authentic expression of what she has distilled through her own processes of immersion and creation.  Jeneen currently leads unique workshops, classes, trainings and retreats locally and worldwide for those ready to dive in and come into deeper alignment with their souls voyage. She is a practicing professional visual & performing artist, retreat leader, doting mother, spiritual guide and founder of Soul Voyage Studio and Retreats.  She brings her joyful spirit, creative soul and caring nature to all of her adventures.
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sound voyage (+crystals & candlelight)

Sink into the dreamlike state of a Crystal Bowl meditation infused with beautiful, powerful crystals for healing and intention setting, and set amidst a candlelit ambiance. Experience being fully supported and relaxed in your body allowing for profound release and calm. Great for beginners and experienced meditators alike, this class will offer you the opportunity to access a deep quieting of your mind, body and being for your ultimate re-charj.

sound voyage (+symphonic gong)

It is said that ALL sounds are contained within the ancient and mysterious Gong. The powerful healing of the Symphonic Gong specifically is unique within the repertoire of sound healing tools because of this nature. Surrendering to the resonance of the Gong, you may hear everything from church bells to angel choruses, from ancient languages to celestial flutes. Deeply nourishing, restoring and cleansing, a Gong Bath has the power to refresh and reawaken you, and re-charj all systems effectively and instantly.

Jeneen is one of our corporate presenters. Also, be on the lookout for sound healing workshops from Jeneen.