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Hello, I’m Emily! My goal is to see students leave with a greater sense of mental and physical space and increased access to the inner source of knowing.

Emily Moore

Looking for a strength building workout on a fall morning in 2008, Emily accepted the invitation of a friend to attend a yoga class. She began attending yoga classes regularly because—as many yoga students quickly discover, it felt so mind/body opening. Somewhere along the way the age old practice began transforming her in ways that she didn’t even know to look for but for which she is immensely grateful. Emily eventually left behind a career providing community level legal and social services so that she could dedicate her time to practicing and sharing the science of yoga. In classical yoga she found practices that have the potential to bring individual and social well-being by addressing the very root of our inner source of turmoil and suffering. It is a pleasure and honor for Emily to share these timeless techniques and to attempt to walk a yogic path in her own life. Emily is a full-time yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of training in yoga and meditation techniques including asana (poses), restorative yoga, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), meditation, pranayama, energy healing, and yoga philosophy. She is also dedicated to a daily self-guided study and practice on the mat and in the world. Emily brings a warm and steady tone to her classes, and finds great joy in seeing students leave with a greater sense of mental and physical space and increased access to the inner source of knowing.
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yoga nidra
This guided sleep meditation is a lucid state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Nothing else is required of you but to lay back and listen as your body is completely relaxed and becoming systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.

Discover how to relax the nervous system, reduce stress, and reframe the brain’s bias to hold onto negativity. In this session, we connect mind, body and brain, through deep breathing, mindfulness and guided visual meditation, activating the relaxation response and bringing ourselves back to equilibrium.

Unwind and unpack the day with de-stress meditation that aims to attune your awareness to your senses. Focus on body functions such as breath and pulse can be cultivated to bring us back to homeostasis through the power of the mind. Drop your cortisol levels; regulate pulse and adrenals; increase your sense of calm and ease so you can enjoy the pleasures of life.