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Hello, I’m Emily! My goal is to help you find balance. Learn to live life through experiences, welcome opportunities, eat healthy and love fully.

Emily Szajda

After launching a successful yoga and wellness program in Brussels, Belgium and teaching courses in Barcelona, Spain, Emily is back in the United States offering courses focused on grounding and mental clarity. In 2008, while balancing her studies at Arizona State University and pursuing a career as a restaurant general manager at a high-end resort in Phoenix, Arizona, Emily found yoga and meditation as a means to step away from all the responsibilities and chaos that surrounded her professional career. Emily began her journey into self-awareness and spirituality merely by the physical practice of yoga, but overtime her practice evolved into much more. Inspired by one of her early instructors, Vivienne Sio Tarquinio, she completed her 200 hour RYT in June 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona at At One Yoga sponsored by Life Power studying under renowned yoga instructors, Jenn Chiarelli and John Salisbury. She also earned her 85 hour PRYT in Italy in 2017. She is a certified sports nutritionist. Emily’s classes are warm and inviting, creating an environment of relaxation, acceptance and compassion. Emily teaches a variety of styles of meditation with her flagship being yoga nidra. It is Emily’s hope that students leave her classes feeling rooted in the present moment, confident in themselves, ready to embrace life, fully and completely, no matter what it throws at them.
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yoga nidra
This guided sleep meditation is a lucid state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Nothing else is required of you but to lay back and listen as your body is completely relaxed and becoming systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.

energy balance (+essential oils)
When we feel out of balance, drained, or have absorbed negative external energy from the environment, we must reconnect with the universal flow of energy. This will be an opportunity to experience and explore your subtle body or energy field. Energetic vibrations are carried in our actions, our emotions, our attitudes, and our words — and when connecting with others, we are engaging in an energy exchange. Shielding our energy is like placing a comforting blanket over you that keeps you warm and centered in your true power. Essential oils enhance the meditation experience, promoting relaxation, clarity and peace of mind.