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Hello, I’m Brady! My goal is to bring students into to their roots through sound harmony.

Brady Williams

Brady has been guiding meditation for the past 4 years across 4 continents. His teachers reside in the Himalayas of India and Nepal and whilst living there for several years he was gifted downloads from their ancient sonic medicines. His trainings include Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Reiki, and Tibetan Bowls. A big aspect of his work resides from his time spent in Egypt exploring the temples of the Sun God Horus and training inside of the sound healing chambers of Ancient Kemet. Now he travels between retreat centers around the world sharing sound baths using instruments from the Andean Cosmovision, the Himalayas, and Ancient France. facilitating teacher trainings for Tibetan Bowls and InnerDance
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sound bath
Sound is one of the most ancient, effective, and accessible tools we have for healing. The human body is designed to interact with and embody sound in a powerful way that allow you to rest and revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Lay back, let the tones of the bowls wash over you, and drop into a state of relaxation through a guided sound meditation. Depart class feeling recharj’ed and renewed.

Tibetan bowls: Sound frequency specialists will be playing several rare singing bowls, some of which are over 200 years old. A magical alchemy of 7 -12 different metals rings in the past, present, and future for a relaxing enchantment.

Discover how to relax the nervous system, reduce stress, and reframe the brain’s bias to hold onto negativity. In this session, we connect mind, body and brain, through deep breathing, mindfulness and guided visual meditation, activating the relaxation response and bringing ourselves back to equilibrium.

Unwind and unpack the day with de-stress meditation that aims to attune your awareness to your senses. Focus on body functions such as breath and pulse can be cultivated to bring us back to homeostasis through the power of the mind. Drop your cortisol levels; regulate pulse and adrenals; increase your sense of calm and ease so you can enjoy the pleasures of life.

Open your energy channels to clear out blocked energy pathways, promote equilibrium in the body and develop a sense of feeling grounded, with a deeper connection to the true self. In this class, you will learn a bit about the energy healing, the basics of how to use reiki on others, and the practice of self-reiki. Receiving energy healing encourages relaxation and can help release anxiety, depression, physical pain, as well as trauma.