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Hello, I’m Aparna! My goal is to create a brave space through my classes, where practitioners can find “their” expression of meditation and celebrate the light they embody.

Aparna Sadananda, Ph.D.

Aparna is a DC-based, meditation teacher and artist. A curious yogi for 10 years and having worked in neuroscience research, she transitioned to full-time yoga teaching in 2015. Her meditations offer insights gathered during this interesting journey which has been a melting pot of art, science and spirituality. She believes meditation to be a daily voyage into inner stillness where the conscious mind meets the sub-conscious. This creates possibilities to observe and release limiting habits and manifest life’s purpose feeling more aligned and joyous. Come one, come all- let’s embody the light we are! 
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yoga nidra
This guided sleep meditation is a lucid state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Nothing else is required of you but to lay back and listen as your body is completely relaxed and becoming systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.

energy balance (+essential oils)
When we feel out of balance, drained, or have absorbed negative external energy from the environment, we must reconnect with the universal flow of energy. This will be an opportunity to experience and explore your subtle body or energy field. Energetic vibrations are carried in our actions, our emotions, our attitudes, and our words — and when connecting with others, we are engaging in an energy exchange. Shielding our energy is like placing a comforting blanket over you that keeps you warm and centered in your true power. Essential oils enhance the meditation experience, promoting relaxation, clarity and peace of mind.

Attuned awareness is the first stage to cultivating a life experience of ease and contentment. The ability to fully notice our surroundings and our relationship to them is a skill that can be refined through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Reawaken to the internal and external experiences of the present moment through practices that cultivate awareness, self-regulation, and the capacity for presence.

The practice of mindful awareness has a variety of well-documented impacts, including a reduction in toxic stress, an increase in emotion regulation, and an improvement in sustained attention, focus and executive functioning.