Meditation in the NBA

Catharine Willett May 20, 2016 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]T[/su_dropcap]he National Basketball Association is home to the world’s most talented athletes. As part of the NBA, these competitors are subject to intensive exercise routines and frequent practice. Although it does not offer same physical benefit like lifting, running, and weight training, meditation is a new practice being incorporated into an athlete’s routine schedule. Although the physical…

Five Ways to Get Started With Meditation

Madison Troxler July 15, 2016 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]S[/su_dropcap]tress can control our lives in unexpected ways. According to WebMD, an estimated 75 to 90 percent of doctor visits are linked to stress. Stress elicits mental and emotional responses in the body; therefore, combating stress with a mental exercise, meditation, can help alleviate stress-related symptoms. Here are five ways to get started on your meditation journey:…

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