DrinkPod Water Dispenser – SOLD OUT

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DrinkPod Water Dispenser – SOLD OUT

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Take your meditation practice to a whole new level with these props!

DrinkPod Water Dispenser (White) • Water Cooler Optimizer • Countertop w/UltraVi

Color: White

lightly used

Water Bottle Factory – It transforms your existing tap water into deliciously pure water with its ULTRA+3 Purification System.

Temperature Optimized Dispenser – Rather than waiting for your bottled water to chill, or an appliance to heat your water, the Water Optimizer provides instant water in ambient, cold, and hot temperatures.

Home Purification Hub – Wish you could have purified coffee or ice too? This Water Optimizer is equipped with Ice/Café Connect, and can provide purified water for up to 2 additional appliances, like your ice-maker and coffeemaker.

Designed to be reservoir-free, the Water Optimizer is supplied with water by an easy to install hose that can be connected to your ice-maker or kitchen faucet cold water line. From there, the water is processed by the ULTRA+3 Purification System’s user replaceable filter pods, capable of producing up to 6,000 half liter bottles before needing replaced.

*While supplies last. All sales are final. No deliveries; pick up in-studio only at 1445 New York Av. NW, Washington, DC 20005.

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