Insurance Coverage

An increasing number of insurance companies and managed-care organizations are covering complementary and alternative medicine, fueled by consumer demand and a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits and cost-effectiveness.

A recent survey of 18 major HMOs and insurance providers, including Aetna, Medicare, Prudential, and Kaiser Permanente, found that 14 of them covered at least 11 of 34 alternative therapies, among them, mind-body stress management and meditation.



If believe you are a candidate for coverage and wish to submit a claim for one or many classes through your insurance provider, contact us and we will provide a CPT Code. The customer is responsible for the initial amount paid to recharj® while pursuing reimbursement through your insurance provider.


First, become informed about your health insurance plan. Does it offer any coverage of complementary and alternative medicine treatments? If so, what are the requirements and limits? For example, does the plan limit the conditions it will cover, require complementary and alternative medicine services be delivered by specific practitioners (such as a licensed medical doctor or practitioners in the company’s network), or cover only services if that plan determines to be medically necessary? Read your plan carefully, including the limits and exclusions.

Here are some questions to ask your insurer:

  • Does this care need to be pre-authorized or pre-approved?
  • Do I need a referral from my primary care provider?
  • What services, tests, or other costs will be covered?
  • How many visits are covered and over what period of time (for example, 6-10 visits a year)?
  • Is there a co-payment?
  • Will the therapy be covered for any condition or only for certain conditions?
  • Will I need to see a practitioner in your network? If so, can you provide me with a list of practitioners in my area?
  • If I use a practitioner who is not part of your network, do you provide any coverage? Are there any additional out-of-pocket costs?
  • Are there any dollar or calendar limits to my coverage?

If the insurance company requires you to have a referral, be sure to obtain it and take it with you to the practitioner. It’s a good idea to keep a copy for your own records.