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Increasing Corporate Wellness

Zach Morgan February 24, 2017 0 comments 0

Work is changing.  The long shifts, grueling tasks, and little pay of the Industrial Revolution seem like strange, distant memories, replaced by a modern focus on employee happiness, productivity, and wellness.  Companies now recognize their employees as people with valuable skills, instead of resources that occasionally break down.  The result is that 72% of recently surveyed companies offer some sort of wellness program for their employees, which in turn has seen a host of improvements in employee satisfaction and company productivity.  Workers find themselves more satisfied with their roles and the work they do, meaning that the work they do is going to be better, as a result.  One of the keys to unlocking these wellness benefits lies in the correct use of technology.

Digital technology can play a helpful role in increasing employee wellness.  Wearable devices that monitor vitals like heart rate, body temperatures, and steps taken can improve the health and happiness of employees considerably.  Research has consistently shown that these wearable devices and things like wellness apps can lead to fewer days taken off of work, lower stress levels, and decreased healthcare costs for employers.  This technology improves wellness by consistently reminding employees of their current health status as they work.

The increasing corporate focus on the wellness of their employees has seen remarkable benefits both for the workers themselves and the products of their labor.  Working within a company that takes steps like providing wearable health devices and sponsoring meditative sessions reinforces the idea that our lives and efforts are valued.  This knowledge goes on to increase a positive idea of work, which in turn contributes to more efficient, happier workplace.

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