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Nighttime Yoga

Madison Troxler July 22, 2016 0 comments 0


Hey, I’m Caley. Welcome to your Huffington Post thrive series. I’ve got my friend Ana here with me and we are doing a p.m. wind down yoga class today.

So, we’re going to start in a comfortable seated position. Make sure that your legs are crisscross applesauce or Sukhasana and then reach your arms all the way up and overhead. As you exhale, twist bringing your left hand to your right knee; your right hand behind you. Now, inhale to lengthen your spine and on your exhale see if you can twist a little bit deeper using the leverage of your hand on your knee. Inhale, come back to center, reaching both arms up and overhead and as you exhale twist, bringing your right hand to your left knee. Inhale to lengthen your spine and exhale twist a little bit deeper. Inhale; come back to center, both arms reach up and overhead. And on your exhale we fold all the way forward; hands to the ground. And take in a breath here, lengthen your spine; and as you exhale walk your hands to the right, pushing your left hip back; getting a stretch down the side of the body. Take an inhale here and on the exhale walk your hands all the way over to the left; pushing the right hip down, inhale to lengthen. And then exhale; walk it back to center.

Reach your arms all the way up and overhead. Exhale; bring your hands to your heart. Now, we will shift forward coming into tabletop posture. So, find your way onto your hands and knees; and then from tabletop right away we will come back into our downward facing dog. Lift your hips up and back. So, at the end of the day you might feel a little tight or tired. We are just going to pedal the feet back and forth; bending into one knee and then the other. You can also shift your hips side to side if that feels good; and then come back to center into your downward facing dog. Gently step your right foot all the way forward to the top of the mat; coming into a runners lunge. Take an inhale to reach your chest forward and as you exhale gently start to straighten the front right leg.

So, we are coming into Parsvottanasana, a wide legged forward fold. Make sure that you stay high on the ball of your back foot for this version. Keep the spine long; take an in- breath and as you exhale see if you can fold a little bit further over your front leg. So, we will take 3 breaths here. Inhale through the nose and exhale out through the mouth. Inhale to lengthen your spine. Exhale to fold a little deeper. And last time inhale and exhale.

Re-bend into the right knee. Plant your palms flat on the mat and step back to plank position. Now, from plank we’ll be taking knees, chest, and chin. So, slowly drop your knees down to the mat, bend your elbows, lower your chest down to the mat, and then slide all the way onto your belly. From here inhale lifting into low cobra, just a couple of inches lift up, and as you exhale lower back down. Push your hips back to your heels, come into child’s pose. From child’s pose we’ll find downward facing dog, toes tucked and hips lifted. Come into the second side, stepping your left foot gently forward to the top of the mat. Inhale to reach your chest forward, drawing shoulders back. And as you exhale straighten the front left leg. Stay high on the ball of your back right foot. If you’re really tight in your hamstrings you can keep a gentle bend in the front knee if needed. Otherwise, inhale to lengthen your spine and exhale fold.

Twice more inhale to lengthen, exhale to fold, and last time inhaling, and exhaling. Re-bend into the front knee. Plant your palms down and step back to plank position. Again from plank we’ll take knees, chest, and chin; lowering the knees to the mat; bending the elbows; lowering your chest to the mat. Slide onto your bellies. Inhale lift into low cobra and as you exhale lower the chin down pressing back into child’s pose.

This time take extended child’s pose with the knees wide, bringing the hips to the heals. You can stay in child’s pose as long as you’d like. This feels really nice on your lower back and hips. Otherwise, we’ll slowly start to walk our hands in and come up to a seated position. Bringing your knees together to touch; and bringing your hips onto the heals for vajrasana.

So, this is a really nice, slow way to end your day. Again if you feel super tight or tired at the end of the day these five minutes are crucial to help your body open up and relax. So, I hope you guys enjoyed it. We’ll see you back here next time on your daily dose of yoga or on

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