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Sleep Awareness Week

Catharine Willett March 6, 2016 0 comments 0

This week, March 6 to March 13 is dedicated to raising awareness about the health benefits that result from proper sleep. Specifically, this week is preparing Americans for Daylight Savings Time, beginning March 13.

This initiative originates from Washington, D.C. by the National Sleep Foundation. Before losing an hour of sleep, this week is used to promote awareness of healthy sleep patterns and encourage Americans to adjust their sleep schedules.

This movement’s presence is primarily found on Twitter and Facebook. Using the hashtag #7Days4BetterSleep, followers can read a new sleep tip every day to better their sleep habits. Followers can also join the pledge to enjoy seven days of better sleep. Simply visit the Sleep Foundation and enter your email to download two Sleep Awareness Week Photos and share them on social media with your pledge saying “I promise to use these seven days for better sleep!”

Sleep Awareness Week not only raises awareness for Daylight Savings, but also draws attention to sleep’s health benefits and its  many positive impacts on safety and productivity.

According to David Cloud, the National Sleep Foundation’s CEO, “NSF’s #7Days4BetterSleep will help the public prepare for the unavoidable change to their schedule with seven daily tips to improve sleep. Everyone should take our Sleep Awareness Week pledge to prioritize sleep in their daily lives.”

Join the National Sleep Foundation and @recharjdc and pledge #7Days4BetterSleep today! Follow us on Twitter @recharjdc and tweet us your pledge for better sleep!

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