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Yoga for a Better Sleep

Talia June 1, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]M[/su_dropcap]any are undoubtedly skeptics when it comes to claims, particularly eastern claims, pertaining to the abilities of the body to tap into existentialism; e.g. tapping into chi or mysterious spirit energy. And such is to be expected in this age of instant communication and boundless information. Most people prefer to see facts before believing.So, when you hear about yoga and its supposed powers of healing, you may decide to be skeptical as to just how “tapped in,” so to speak, you can actually be with mysterious energy and the like. However, when it comes to yoga helping people to sleep, there is actually empirical evidence in this regard.

Whether or not yoga can help you tap into some other dimension and harness those good-vibe energy spikes to assist you in circumnavigating the bad things in life is between you and your yogi. Yoga actually aiding in a restful night’s sleep is between yoga and science, and the science is sound.

Why Yoga is an Effective Sleep Aid

The lifestyles we lead in today’s world are different than, say, the pioneers. Men cutting down trees all day and blazing trails, and women tending farm and house and watching over children – suffice to say that in different eras throughout our history, people wore themselves down and were able to slumber more regularly. Today’s world offers so many distractions that aren’t necessarily taxing on our bodies but rather our minds. So, when we go to lie down for sleep, our brains are unable to recharge. The energy is still there keeping the brain awake, and the external stimuli taken in throughout the day keeps the brain wired and firing faster than an Intel processor.

A recent study indicated that exercising can not only help a person sleep, but it can help them sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time. Exerting the body in some fashion and burning up that energy essentially makes the body crave restoration, thus it craves sleep to restore itself to its natural state. This is something that doesn’t require medicine or meditation or any sort of therapy; this is simply the body’s natural ability through evolution to know when it needs rest.

Yoga provides something great in this regard. It’s just enough exercise to get your body ready for sleep, but not so rigorous that it’s going to have lingering effects after you wake. In fact, the stretching and overall health benefits of yoga can not only assist you in sleeping for a night, but they may also help you to develop a more regular sleeping pattern.

Yoga combines stretching with breathing and meditation exercises. When you create this combination, not only are you doing yourself a favor in the physical sense, but also in a mental sense. Relaxed breathing and relaxed thoughts allow the brain to shut down and prepare for sleep naturally, while the exercise itself makes your body tired and thus craving of a good night’s sleep.

So, again, while yoga might make some bold spiritual claims that science can do nothing with, science can back fully yoga’s claims of being a great sleep aid.
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