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Is the Latest Sleep Tech Really Helpful?

Talia May 25, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]O[/su_dropcap]ur bodies and brains need sleep. And while the debate rages on concerning how many hours one should sleep per night—e.g. 6, 8, more, etc—the fact is that sleeping recharges our brain, helps our muscles recuperate and heal, and it restores our bodies’ energy levels. Healthy sleep can aid in maintaining a healthy weight, helping with back and/or muscle issues, and can help you stay sharp and focused – more mentally acute. However important sleep may be, millions of people still struggle mightily to get a good night’s sleep. Enter sleep tech: A genre dedicated to creating different devices and using modern technology to help improve your sleeping patterns.

Is sleep tech really all it’s cracked up to be? It all depends about what we’re speaking here; while some items might really make the grade and help an individual sleep, others may be a waste of money. Let’s have a look at some sleep tech and discuss it impartially below.

An Inside Look at Some of the Latest Sleep Tech


When looking into Aura, the first thing you may notice is its relatively steep price tag. At $300+, Aura is basically a mattress pad with a base that produces different sounds, light patterns, and alarms. Basically, Aura is set-up to be an all-in-one system for people who need specific lighting for a room and white noise to sleep. Though once you begin to delve into what Aura really offers, it may seem like a waste to many people. Can one not play white noise on a tablet or television? Does one’s room not have enough lights that can be controlled? Aura, while it may be helpful to some, really just seems like it’s a novelty gadget that doesn’t actually accomplish anything extra that one cannot do themselves.


While not the absolute latest in sleep tech, napnooks are trending high, particularly in the professional world. When you get that midday grogginess and start to fizzle out, a quick power nap can really perk you back up and help you throughout the rest of your day. A power nap can also help improve your nighttime sleeping patterns by allowing you enough energy to expel until bedtime, rather than crashing out as soon as you drag yourself in from work. napnooks provide the right lighting, the right noise, the right temperature, and the right comfort level to sleep. And while you’re not going to be sleeping there for hours, they’re great, cozy nooks in which to catch a good nap.

Smart Alarms

Most adults around the globe sleep with a partner. A spouse, a longtime boyfriend or girlfriend; needless to say, one person’s sleep disturbed in that situation is both parties’ sleep disturbed. This is where smart alarms come in. With devices like the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP, you no longer have to worry about a loud, screeching alarm waking everyone up. So if you need to be up by 7, and your partner can sleep ’til 10, smart alarms wake you up by vibrating your wrist until you shut it down. There’s a downside for heavy sleepers, of course, and that’s the fact that vibration alone might not do the trick. But if you’re fairly good at waking up with an alarm, a smart alarm will ensure your partner’s sleep patterns aren’t disturbed.

Wicking Sheets

Waking up sweating into your sheets is uncomfortable and undesirable, but can be very common for some people a few nights a week. Even if the room is relatively cool, your body heat cocooned inside of the sheets creates something like a sauna, and it doesn’t take long before you start sweating. This can not only wake you up, but it can also dehydrate you and leave you feeling very tired even after a full night’s sleep. Wicking sheets are specifically designed to wick the moisture away from your body, so you’re not lying in a pool of your own sweat. This means that the sheets stay nice and cool, like flipping over the pillow, and you won’t have those “I’m too hot!” tosses and turns during the night. It’s not electronic tech, but this is a cool item for sleepers who run hot.

Sleep tech is popping up all the time, and you never know what’s a good fit and what should be left on the shelves. Hopefully this information has been helpful about a few of the sleep tech items currently on the market.
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