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Adult Napping: A New Sweeping Trend

Talia May 11, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]H[/su_dropcap]ave you ever heard the phrase, “A dog’s life”? If so, you may have wondered what makes a dog’s life so leisurely. It is perhaps the fact that a dog can just up and nap during the day, and be ready to bark as soon as he wakes up. In fact, over 85% of all mammals have this habit. They nap during the day to recharge their batteries. So, why isn’t this trend more prevalent with human beings? Well, as we learn more about sleep and its benefits, it actually is becoming a trend, particularly in the professional world. Many people are visiting napnooks to catch a power nap on a daily basis, and far from suffering or falling behind as a result, they’re actually vastly more productive, happier, more alert, and able to make better decisions.

It might seem a little counter-intuitive on its face, since napping is something that most adults are probably culturally conditioned to believe is for little kids, but we’re dealing with hard science here. Adult napping has a slew of positive benefits, and the trend is sweeping the professional world.

So Much Better than Coffee

Fancy coffee and energy shots – that’s basically how half the workforce stays awake and alert during the day. But, what you’re getting is an artificial, brief boost that can really be harmful. Caffeine is a drug that boosts the heart rate and can wreak havoc on blood pressure. Energy shots can be dangerous and, at the very least, can disturb your natural circadian rhythm. This may elicit a negative cycle, prompting you to drink more the next day to stay awake, and on and on. A nap is the natural way to recharge your batteries. After visiting a napnook, for instance, you leave more alert, wide awake, less frustrated, and ready to face the pending problems of the day.

Boosts Learning and Memory

Mental fatigue is the brick wall that keeps new information from sinking in. For instance, you’re in a 4pm meeting, and the supervisor is going over those tedious office regulations that make you yawn. While you’re trying to pay attention, nothing is sinking in. Now, imagine this is something about your budget line, your deadline, a new project, etc; you’re doomed here if you can’t submit these things to memory. A nap wakes your brain up and allows you to soak up more knowledge. Your memory is stronger, and you actually learn new things when rested.

Increases Creativity

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a great idea, yet you end up losing it before you can submit it to memory? It’s something that seems to happen to everyone. This is because your brain is running at maximum capacity as soon as you wake up with a full charge. The problem with the mornings, however, is that you’re still too groggy and too discombobulated to submit things to long-term memory. With a power nap, you get the benefits of that fresh creativity, without the side effect of losing your train of thought.

Boosts Productivity

This is one that everyone knows. You can simply get more work done without much of a fuss when you’re fresh and awake. In a workplace environment without a nap, people get sluggish as the afternoon creeps by, and production may slow to a crawl. With a well-rested workforce recharged off of power naps, productivity thus increases and people are simply in a better mood to work.

Although you don’t see them everywhere yet, it won’t be long before there’s a quality napnook in every big town and city out there. The benefits of adults taking naps are simply too numerous to ignore.
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