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The Invasion of Tech on Our Sleep Schedules

Talia April 27, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]T[/su_dropcap]he average person rarely pays attention to how poorly they’re sleeping until it becomes a legitimate problem of sleepless nights, grogginess during the day, and other sleep-related issues. While few want to admit it, one of the biggest reasons so many people are suffering with sleep issues today is that electronics have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Electronics can affect your sleep negatively; briefly unplugging from the modern world is a great way to reclaim your sleep.


How to Unplug from Tech for a Good Night’s Sleep

1: Give Yourself a Two-Hour Window

Just as eating certain foods before bed will have your body running hot and will likely give you bad dreams , dealing with tech up until you attempt to go to sleep will have your brain running on high, active and firing, and it will be very hard to get into that right mode for sleep. If you’re going to sleep at, say, 10pm, it’s a good idea to shut down from tech at about 8pm. This means your phone, your laptop, tablet, and even the television, if you can help it. Curl up with a book or newspaper. Yeah, right; it’s like the 1800s or something! But, this will help you gently ease into your sleep range without tech keeping your brain amped up and firing.

2: Clear Your Quarters

You know it, we know it, everyone knows it: If you leave your tablet on your headboard, you’re going to grab it in the night and start tinkering with Containers Block or something. It will be too big a draw to ignore. Clear your bedroom of all electronics. If you must have your phone for fear of missing an emergency call, put it inside of your night stand with the ringer turned up. Do not leave it within arm’s distance. Clear your sleeping quarters of all electronics and devote your room to sleeping, not playing or working.

3: Check Out a Nook

If you’re ever having trouble sleeping at night, or even if you just need a good nap during the day to recharge, avoid areas that have a lot of electronic distractions. Try a napnook and see if you can grab a power nap without the outside distractions of modern tech. Other than a cozy dark sanctuary and some ambient noise to help you relax, a good napnook is bereft of those tinkerer’s mobile devices, so you can focus on getting some quality rest.

4: Create a Dark Space

According to scientific studies, sleeping with light in the room effectively confuses the brain. Per evolution, our brains are hardwired to sleep during the night and to wake during the day. Having a lit room confuses this process and prevents you from falling into a deep, regenerative sleep. Even the LEDs from your clock radio and cable box can make it too bright. You don’t have to create a cave, but try to cut back on the light sources when you sleep. Modern tech tends to make things really bright which can affect your ability to fall asleep.

It is no coincidence that with the rise of modern tech, you see more and more commercials and ads for sleeping pills. People are sleeping worse in this modern age, and tech has a lot to do with it. Use the above tips to unplug from the modern world and to get a good night’s sleep.
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