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Happy New Year 2015!

recharj January 1, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]W[/su_dropcap]hat a year 2014 was for napnook! The company has experienced steep growth since out beginning in 2014 and we anticipate and even more fruitful year ahead. We would like to thank everyone who has and continues to support the napnook vision. We couldn’t do it without you! A special thanks as well to our customers who…

Why You Need Sleep

recharj January 8, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]i[/su_dropcap]t’s 4 a.m., and the big test is in eight hours, followed by a piano recital. You’ve been studying and playing for days, but you still don’t feel ready for either. So, what can you do? Well, you can drink another cup of coffee and spend the next few hours cramming and practicing, but believe it or…

Five Foods For a Better Night’s Sleep

Michelle A January 12, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]T[/su_dropcap]he Centers for Disease Control reports that 4% of adults over the age of 20 reported taking sleep medications in the last month. This is no surprise, considering the number of those being diagnosed with a sleep-related disorder is on the rise. However, instead of turning to pharmaceutical drugs, many doctors and researchers are taking a better…

Find Out Why Our Mascot Is The Hippo!

recharj January 14, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]F[/su_dropcap]or those of you asking yourself why the napnook mascot is the hippo, we will pull back the curtain to reveal its origins here. Of course, selecting a hippo as a mascot for no other reason at all other than that it’s one of the coolest animals on the planet (find out why here) has its own merit….

Top 10 Cool Facts About The Hippo

recharj January 15, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]L[/su_dropcap]et’s get right to it! Here are napnook’s top 10 facts about our favorite animal in the kingdom: the hippopotamus. The Hippopotamus Here are a few interesting facts that make the hippo such an awesome mammal: The name “hippopotamus” comes from the ancient Greek for “river horse”. Hippos are big…very big. In fact, they are the third-largest type…

Find Out The Name Of The napnook Hippo!

recharj January 16, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]O[/su_dropcap]k, the goal was never to by tricky, so you probably already have a good idea of the napnook hippo’s name. If read our previous post, “Find Out Why Our Mascot Is The Hippo!“, then you most likely have a pretty solid guess. The Name Of The napnook Hippo! And the name is… CAMPUS the hippo!…

napnook’s First Infographic: Napping Stats & Facts and much more…

recharj January 26, 2015 1 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]E[/su_dropcap]ver wonder how many Americans, presumably just like you, are suffering from sleep deprivation? Are you interested to find out the napping habits of many Americans? What about the benefits of napping or maybe the optimal time and duration of a nap? If these are the types of questions are weighing on your mind, then we suggest…

Quick Sleep Hygiene Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Michelle A January 26, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]A[/su_dropcap]ctivities like brushing our teeth, showering regularly, and wearing fresh clothing all establish a daily routine that sets our body up for a healthy day. But when we think of hygiene, we seldom think of sleep. However, sleep hygiene, which is defined by the National Sleep Foundation as habits and routines that allow the body to get…


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