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Naps on the Job: Businesses That Support Napping

Michelle A November 26, 2014 1 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]I[/su_dropcap]t’s about 1pm; workers are disappearing from the office. Person by person, they quietly sneak off into darkened back rooms. For thirty minutes, employees resist work, shut their minds off, and drift into a gentle, restorative nap; all with the approval of their employer.

The idea of allowing workers to nap on the job may strike caution into the heart of some managers. In our 24/7, overtime-working society in which workaholics rule the business world, napping is linked with laziness or unproductiveness. Yet several high-profile businesses are challenging this norm by giving employees the opportunity and time to take a much needed nap. Strategic HR reports that 16% of employers allow sleep-deprived employees to take naps while on the job. Here are five of the biggest and most prominent “sleep-friendly” workplaces that are taking the power of naps seriously.


5 Businesses That Support Napping

1.    Google

There are many reasons why Google is consistently named one of the best workplaces. For employees of one of the world’s most prominent and innovative company, napping is highly encouraged for productivity and restoration. That is why the company invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on futuristic sleep pods that offer semi-privacy for employee-driven nap time. Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Services David Radcliffe has lauded the pods and the napping schedule to CBS News, saying, “We found that the five-minute to fifteen-minute power nap works on Sunday before you watch the football game. Why not here at work?”

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2.    HubSpot

Marketing software giant HubSpot has created a home-away-from-home for its 750 napping employees. The company created an oasis complete with hammocks, cloud-covered walls, and a high tech sound system for playing soothing music. Employees with hectic travel schedules, important presentations, and/or the need to recharge can use these rooms as needed. Even CMO Mike Volpe joins in for a 20-minute restorative power nap ahead of presentations and important meetings, according to Entrepreneur.


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3.    Nike

You might think that napping would be frowned down upon at a high-energy, big-name conglomerate like Nike. But for employees of the sporting goods giant, napping is highly encouraged. There are even designated meeting rooms that can be reserved for a power sleep or a quiet meditation. This low-key attitude towards renewal and rejuvenation in the office makes it a great place to function at a top level.

4.    Huffington Post

The founder of the online news giant Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, has been an outspoken advocate for naps and napping on the job. In this TED Talk, she explains that the best ideas come from those who receive sufficient amounts of sleep. That is why employees of Huffington Post, who are often under the pressure of deadlines and breaking news, are given the chance to nap when needed in specially designed nap rooms that have nap pods (such as Google’s) and couches.


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5.    Zappos

If you visit online retailer Zappos’ employee benefits page, you cannot miss their large listing of lifestyle programming. At the top of the list are their extremely popular and highly publicized nap rooms. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, employee Melissa Crawford applauded the company’s flexible attitude towards work/life balance, stating, “Oh my gosh, this is my home away from home. This is my life. It’s changed my life … Our culture is the best reason to work here.”

Why On-the-Job Naps Benefit Employers and Employees?

According to a 2010 study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the demands of the workplace and home cause sleep deprivation in as many as 30% of employees. In addition, sleep deprivation causes long-term mental and physical health issues, including obesity, heart problems, and psychiatric incidents—all which can affect the overall well-being of the office.

Top employers recognize that the most powerful way to combat sleepless workers is to provide them with opportunities to refresh and restore themselves. Whether it is through high-tech sleep pods or a quiet, designated place to rest their head, companies that encourage napping have higher job satisfaction, motivation, and creativity.

Does your employer encourage napping on the job?

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