Top 10 People at High Risk of Fatigue

recharj October 15, 2014 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]T[/su_dropcap]he average individual today has more responsibilities and obligations than ever before and sadly, sleep is often pushed to the back burner. Even with a good night’s sleep, the typical day can be exhausting. The results from insufficient sleep and interruptions in our normal sleep cycle can come with some serious consequences to our bodies and minds.  This is known as fatigue…

8 Famous People Who Napped

recharj October 21, 2014 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]T[/su_dropcap]hink napping is just for slackers? Think again. Some of the most respected and admired leaders, scientist, writers, and artists in history knew that to harness the power of a nap meant to be at the top of their game at all times. Below you will find a short list of some of the most famous people who…

Naps on the Job: Businesses That Support Napping

Michelle A November 26, 2014 1 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]I[/su_dropcap]t’s about 1pm; workers are disappearing from the office. Person by person, they quietly sneak off into darkened back rooms. For thirty minutes, employees resist work, shut their minds off, and drift into a gentle, restorative nap; all with the approval of their employer. The idea of allowing workers to nap on the job may strike caution…

The Invasion of Tech on Our Sleep Schedules

Talia April 27, 2015 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]T[/su_dropcap]he average person rarely pays attention to how poorly they’re sleeping until it becomes a legitimate problem of sleepless nights, grogginess during the day, and other sleep-related issues. While few want to admit it, one of the biggest reasons so many people are suffering with sleep issues today is that electronics have infiltrated every aspect of our…

Take Naps To Be More Productive

Catharine Willett March 26, 2016 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]T[/su_dropcap]he Science of Us presents: You Deserve a Break! If you’ve got a big project ahead of you, it often seems like the best tactic is to strap yourself in and work on it non-stop until you get it done. Then a few hours later, you’re likely to find yourself barely awake in front of a project…

Napping Tips for College Students

Madison Troxler September 2, 2016 0 comments 0

[su_dropcap style=”default” size=”3″ class=””]”N[/su_dropcap]ap” was the word that stung in our ears as children. We all used to run away screaming, hoping for a little more time to play. Now we do the opposite. We cherish them. In fact, taking naps in college might be the one thing that gets us through rigorous academic study. So, here are a few…

Billions of Dollars Lost to Sleep Deprivation

Kayla McMahon December 9, 2016 0 comments 0

We can sleep when we’re dead…right? Not so much. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims insufficient sleep to be a public health epidemic, as 1 in 3 American adults do not get enough sleep. Adults aged 18-60 years require at least 7 hours of sleep per night in order to maintain optimal health, but many adults fail to do so. This leads to an increased…


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